Birmingham in Numbers

We always write about our city,  showcasing it’s history, culture and people. Today however we want to show you some numbers, yes numbers. After reading a couple of good articles on big data we’ve thought it would be really cool to :

  1. see what data is available for our city
  2. find a way to visualise the date
  3. post it on

Finding data

A quick Google search quickly pointed us to Birmingham City Council’s website where we found some really interesting statistics from the census. A couple more searches and we had enough numbers to start working on this post.

Visualising Data

- to visualise data we’ve used Google Docs.


Population in Birmingham compared to other cities ad towns.

(click on the map to see more details)

Birmingham’s population by age.

Accommodation type in Birmingham

We hope you enjoyed it. Our plan is to keep it going and regularly update this post together with adding more data.

Data sources: