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Brands you didn’t know started in Birmingham

If you know anything about Birmingham, you will probably be aware of it’s manufacturing history. The city has always been associated with industry, be that manufacturing, retail or business. While this reputation has been on the decline in recent years, it’s still the cities’ calling card to this day. And it’s a reputation built off of launching big name, successful companies in multiple industries. Here are a few you may not have known have their origins in the city.
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Birmingham’s finest inventions (Part One)

Birmingham is undeniably the mother of inventions! With numerous great ideas breaking through the market and rocking the entire world, UK’s most glorious city and jewel of the West Midlands still amazes. According to the Patent Office, of the approximately 4,000 inventions copyrighted annually, about two thirds come from within a radius of 35 miles from Birmingham.
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