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The best Birmingham pubs for the summer

Title: Birmingham remains one of the best city nights out the UK can offer. And, sure, you may think we’re somewhat biased, but there are several good reasons for this.

It’s centrally-located, packed with a wide variety of contrasting areas and has more canals than venice. As a result, Birmingham offers night owls, city dwellers and those simply in search of an adventurous day out all manner of things to do.

In this post, we’re going to focus on the important task of socialising and enjoying oneself, and there’s nowhere better to do that than in a pub or two. With the summer finally here, we’ve got the best Birmingham pubs at which you can enjoy the warmer months. Continue reading The best Birmingham pubs for the summer

The best wedding venues in Birmingham

Looking for wedding venues in Birmingham?   Well firstly we would like to say a massive congratulations to you and your partner!  Planning your big day is one of the most exciting, most enjoyable things you will ever do, but it will also be the most stressful.  There’s lots to think about when planning a wedding. Who will you invite?  What colour scheme will you choose?  Which flowers will you select? Who will be in your wedding party? What favours will you give out to your guests?  With lots of decisions to make it might be difficult to know where to start, so we suggest you tackle the bigger questions first, things like which wedding venue you would like.  Doing this makes sense as the size of your wedding venue is likely to impact who you invite, the feel of the venue might impact on the theme of your wedding, style of attire and wedding décor, in short, the larger decisions help you to make the smaller ones.  Continue reading The best wedding venues in Birmingham

Why Birmingham is a good place to start a business

The second city has always been synonymous with work. Birmingham, since the days of the industrial revolution, has been the engine room of Britain. Though it has been traditionally thought of as an engineering heavy area, in the many decades since the industrial revolution, it has become much more diverse in terms of the business sectors that have found a home in the city.

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Golf courses in Birmingham

playing golf in birmingham

Being a landlocked, urbanised landscape, golf isn’t likely to be the first sport to jump to the front of your mind when you think of Birmingham. The city has a proud tradition of football, thanks to Aston Villa and Birmingham FC, alongside a rich heritage in cricket, as the city houses the world famous Edgbaston cricket ground. And that is without mentioning the strong history of athletics Birmingham has enjoyed.
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Electric Cinema - Birmingham’s Best Kept Secret

Birmingham is full of many hidden gems (and actual gems if you visit the Jewellery Quarter). The second city hides plenty of things to do, and places to see. Today, we’re going to discuss one such institution - The Electric Cinema. Located just behind New Street Station, it’s nothing like the cinemas you’re used to. Here are five reasons why we think it’s awesome:
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Birmingham in Numbers

We always write about our city,  showcasing it’s history, culture and people. Today however we want to show you some numbers, yes numbers. After reading a couple of good articles on big data we’ve thought it would be really cool to :

  1. see what data is available for our city
  2. find a way to visualise the date
  3. post it on

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Birmingham and Fazeley Canal

The Birmingham and Fazeley Canal is one of the most distinctive canals located in the West Midlands, connecting the heart of Birmingham with the impressive countryside and London itself. Starting from the Fazeley Coventry Canal, and ending in Old Turn, BCN Main Line, it connects to the Main Line of Birmingham, the Coventry Canal, the Grand Union Canal and Tame Valley Canal. In other words, it spreads from Gas Street Basin, the centre of the British canal network, all the way through the most notorious landmarks of Birmingham, including the Post Office Tower and the International Convention Centre, creating a mysterious atmosphere that brings visitors back to the past.
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Top 5 places to visit in Birmingham

Birmingham is an action packed, fun-filled City, with plenty to see and do. To experience everything Birmingham has to offer would take a while, the local attractions and experiences are gaining in numbers as are the number of people wanting to visit them. If you are visiting Birmingham for a holiday, or a break away, the likelihood is you won’t have the time to experience everything, however, what you can do is visit the top 5 places in Birmingham.
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