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Stress Free Christmas Preparation Guide


The problem with Father Christmas is that, during his off-peak time, he goes very quiet. Usually, he’s planning for the busiest working day known to man, but rumours persist that he may currently have larger problems to contend with during his down time.

If Santa really is going  bankrupt,  as recently reported by some newspapers, Christmas may be something of a miserable affair this year, but let’s assume that isn’t going to happen. And let’s get planning!
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study in birmingham

Studying in Birmingham

Birmingham is famed for many things - industry, canals, our unique accent, and so on. One thing we are becoming increasingly known for, however, is education.

Did you know that, since 2013, Birmingham has housed five Universities, on top of numerous colleges? Their diverse course offerings and close proximity to the England’s second city means that this is a sector likely to grow even further in the coming years. So if you are moving here (or looking for a University in the local area), which one is right for you?
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Eco friendly initiatives in Birmingham.

Birmingham is going green!

We’re thought of as an industrial city with it’s smog and grime covered streets. But now, the city of Birmingham is turning over a new figurative leaf - in hopes of saving thousands of literal leaves!

There are many schemes, partnerships and campaigns throughout the city geared towards improving our impact on nature. Here are a few examples.
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