Edgbaston Reservoir

edgbaston reservoir

Edgbaston Reservoir is one of the finest and most beautiful places in Birmingham. Surrounded by rich grassland and a breathtaking natural environment Edgbaston Reservoir expands in a total of 70 acres of land and enchants its visitors with the wide array of birds, among others.

Perhaps the most amazing of all is that it used to be nothing more than a small pool of no particular interest and changed completely with the works initiated by Thomas Telford, who designed the gatehouse and reservoir. As a matter of fact, the gatehouse is listed in the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural Interest!

Telford’s vision was huge and certainly innovative and challenging. He enlarged the Roach Pool, as Edgbaston Reservoir used to be called back in the 1800s, excavated it to 40 feet deep and managed to supply water in Birmingham’s longest water levels, that of Wolverhampton and Birmingham. What is remarkable, though, is the fact that Telford used the Icknield Port Loop section of the old Birmingham Canal Navigations Main Line to supply 300,000,000 imperial gallons of water to the aforementioned levels of the New Birmingham Canal Navigations. Edgbaston Reservoir comprised the project with the largest water expanse in mid-1800s, in Birmingham.

However, other than supplying water to the canals, the reservoir is a fantastic place to spend some relaxing and fun time while indulging yourself in water sports (see rowing and canoeing, among others), or any fishing-related activity (from mid-June till mid-March each year). Besides that, the gentle breeze welcomes joggers and exercise enthusiasts to the carefully designed jogging paths from tarmac and gravel and work-out stations located on various parts of Edgbaston Reservoir respectively. So, if you fancy some pull-ups in the heart of jaw-dropping surroundings, the reservoir is a great find.

Perhaps, the best time to visit Edgbaston Reservoir is summer, when all is in bloom, the weather is inviting, and the place is perfect for fun picnics, nice strolls, and sports activities of any kind. No wonder why people practically swarm at this season of the year!

On the other side, during winter, it is not suggested to go for a walk on the icy and frozen reservoir, as northerly winds freeze its entire northern side, just like they did the last couple of years. However, if you are into capturing unique moments with your camera, winter-time reservoir can certainly provide you with some excellent
[instagram url=http://instagram.com/p/hI_LWpxI26]
shots! Speaking of photography, we couldn’t possibly talk about the reservoir without mentioning Moonsilvershine1 who has an Instagram account dedicated to the Edgbaston Reservoir, in fact all the Instagram embeds we used in this post are from @Moonsilvershine1 Instagram account. Make sure to follow @Moonsilvershine1 & @BirminghamBlogger on Instagram.

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