and the winners are - UK Manufacturing Awards 2015 Results

We recently posted about the UK Manufacturing Awards, an online award scheme aimed at highlighting British manufacturers in these hard economic times. The companies nominated would represent the best qualities of the manufacturing sector in this country, showing the world that we are still a force to be reckoned with.

And now, the winner has been chosen!

The six judges -


  • Bryan Nuttall of RH Nuttall
  • Anthony Gilsenan of British Made For Quality
  • Clare Heighway of Exquisitely British
  • James Bradshaw of British Family
  • John Palaguta-Iles of MadeCloser
  • Tony Boylan of Still Made In Britain


Decided upon their winner on the 15th of May. They had a wide variety of firms to choose from.

The fifteen nominations were:


  • Acme (Whistles)
  • Apex Packaging
  • British Bag Makers
  • Cornishware (Pottery)
  • Ebac (Washing machines)
  • EcoEgg (Washing solutions)
  • Grenson (Shoes)
  • Hawick Knitwear (Clothes)
  • Mr. Singh’s (Chilli Sauce)
  • Nancy Dee (Clothes)
  • Netherton Foundry (Ceramics)
  • Numatic (Vacuum Cleaners)
  • Plessey (Semiconductors)
  • Rega (Turntables)
  • Sockmine (Socks)


In the end, Rega emerged as the winner, with Ebac, Netherton Foundry and Apex Packaging finishing as runners-up.

Apex Packaging are noteworthy for us at least as being a Midlands based firm. The custom package manufacturer are based in Brierley Hill, less than half an hours drive away from Birmingham! We have highlighted how strong the Midland’s manufacturing sector is, and the fact that one of our own finished as one of the runner-ups just goes to prove that.

Congratulations are in order for Rega, but also for RH Nuttall, the Birmingham manufacturing company who sponsored the event. “We are very proud of what we managed to achieve with these awards”, said Bryan Nuttall, the chairman of the firm and one of the judges. “We did it to not only highlight UK manufacturing, but also in hopes that we would build bridges of communication between these various firms. Fro mthe interactions we have seen from social media, we achieved both of our goals!

It was a great success, and we hope to see it return in the near future.