Eco friendly initiatives in Birmingham.

Birmingham is going green!

We’re thought of as an industrial city with it’s smog and grime covered streets. But now, the city of Birmingham is turning over a new figurative leaf - in hopes of saving thousands of literal leaves!

There are many schemes, partnerships and campaigns throughout the city geared towards improving our impact on nature. Here are a few examples.

Hybrid Buses

Travel West Midlands are in the midst of introducing hybrid buses into circulation in Wolverhampton and Birmingham. This article points out the 18 hybrid buses already in use on Birmingham, with 21 more set for Wolverhampton. Hybrid technology has been the first successful eco infiltration into the automotive world, offering a nice trade off between green electric and petrol reliability.

Green Batteries

Birmingham based battery business Petalite is mounting a considerable charge on the portable, rechargeable battery market. The innovative product, used to charge a dying smartphone or music player, can be recharged to full capacity within 15 minutes, and on full power can provide enough battery to keep an iPhone 5 working all day! It’s green credentials come from it’s choice of materials. Most rechargeables batteries have materials that are hazardous to the environment - Petalite uses much more eco friendly components. You can find out more about it here.

Solar Conventions

UK’s premier Solar Energy convention, has just celebrated it’s 5th year at the NEC in Birmingham. The Solar Energy UK convention ran just a few weeks ago for 3 days, and drew in some 4,000 visitors from over 50 countries, all discussing and building new solar energy projects for the future. As one of the most well known and well established alternative energies, solar powers continued advancement is important for the planet at large. The convention will take place again between the 13th and the 15th of October next year. You can find out more about solar energy in this detailed post.

Local Government

Not wishing to be lagging behind the efforts of it’s citizens, Birmingham City Council has launched several projects to do their part for the environment. Firstly, they have made a commitment to cutting carbon emissions across the city by 60% by 2026. The newly reopened Birmingham Central Library is set to play a key role in the goal, after 95% of the waste material from its construction were recycled.

Also, in partnership with Carillion Energy Services, Birmingham City Council has launched the Birmingham Energy Savers scheme, aimed at helping local homes, offices and schools save money through upgrading their buildings. The scheme makes assessments of said buildings, and then formulates an energy saving plan, which may include new boilers, loft insulation and draught proofing.

Local Businesses

The trickle down effect of the planets new focus on eco-friendly initiatives has affected local businesses too. A lot of companies are quick to trumpet their new eco drives, rightly proud of the work they are putting in to be kinder to the environment. Some are even providing a call to action for others. Bathroom City have started a #GoEcoWithBathroomCity hashtag campaign on Twitter to encourage local citizens and businesses a like to show how and why they are getting green, proving helpful tips for those looking for a place to start.