Local success story at a National Awards Scheme.

We’ve spoken several times about the UK Manufacturing Awards, the online award scheme aimed at highlighting UK manufacturers who deserve some recognition. The scheme was started by Birmingham based company RH Nuttall, and of the 15 nominees, turntable manufacturers Rega emerged victorious. They were hand picked by the 6 judge panel, comprised of some of the leading lights of UK manufacturing awareness websites, because they show the world that UK manufacturing can not only be successful, but also game changing - all without moving abroad.

We are mentioning the UKMA again as we’ve been granted an exclusive look at one of the trophies! Apex Packaging, from Brierley Hill, Dudley, were on of the runners up, and will soon be receiving this wonderful trophy!

All of the runners up, and the winner of course, will be receiving similar trophies. And that is not all! On a recent blog update, RH Nuttall announced intentions to run the scheme again next year. We for one hope they choose to bring back the awards, as they have been a great success, both in terms of bringing these companies together, but also in terms of shedding light on an oft belittled sector.

UK manufacturing is alive and well, and it’s about time people recognise that fact.