UK Manufacturing Awards

As we’ve mentioned several times on this site before, Birmingham has a very rich manufacturing history. It’s a tradition that has been kept alive to this day by the hard working men and women of this great city, the still beating heart of the UK. Thankfully, we’re not the only ones from Birmingham to see the UK manufacturing sector for what it truly is - a thing of wonder.

RH Nuttall, a manufacturer that has been operating in Birmingham since 1860, has decided to shed a little light on firms the length of breadth of Britain by sponsoring the UK Manufacturing Awards. The awards look to spotlight little known UK based manufacturing outlets from across the board, from electronics to pottery, and reward one of the honour of winning the first UK Manufacturing Award.

The nominees are currently being decided on by the expert panel of 6 judges, chosen for their expertise when it comes to the British manufacturing sector. They are:

Bryan Nuttall of RH Nuttall

Anthony Gilsenan of British Made For Quality

Clare Heighway of Exquisitely British

James Bradshaw of British Family

John Palaguta-Iles of MadeCloser

Tony Boylan of Still Made In Britain

“We’re so excited to be sponsoring these awards”, Bryan Nuttal told us. “We’ve seen a lot of good, quality manufacturing firms disappear in recent years, so we want to show not only the UK, but the World, that there are still plenty left if you know where to look.”

The hope is that, through the awards, more people will become aware of the depth of manufacturing in this country. You don’t have to rely on imported goods to live a modern lifestyle - everything you need is being made on your doorstep. Plus by connecting the dots between these different businesses, who knows what might come of it?

While the awards span nationwide, we’re ecstatic that a Birmingham born and bred company is leading the charge! It shows that we are still an integral part of the system, and by extension, the UK is a vital cog in worldwide industry. Are we the powerhouse we once were? No. But those who tell you that we are dead in the water are also spreading false information.

If you would like more information on the awards, you can check out the UK Manufacturing Awards website - . The nominees are set to be announced soon, and they are going to showcase the diversity and quality of UK manufacturing.